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Shot of a young woman making a card payment using a nfc machine

Not only can debit cards be used for purchases, but they also allow you access to cash through ATMs worldwide or cash back at participating retailers.

Visa Debit Card

 Pay for your purchases directly from your checking account.  These cards are accepted anywhere the Visa logo is displayed.

Register Your Debit Card

 In an ongoing attempt to help combat fraudulent activity, register your Bank of Estes Park debit card.  Please take advantage of the free service through VISA.  Enroll at  You can set the parameters to receive the following alerts:

  1. Individual Transaction amount thresholds
  2. International transactions
  3. Card-absent transactions, such as telephone or online orders

By registering, card activity can be relayed to you either by text messages or personal email.

Lost/Stolen Debit Card?

Need to report a lost or stolen Bank of Estes Park Visa Debit Card?

During regular banking hours, please contact Customer Support at any of our locations.

During non-banking hours, please call (844) 202-5333 or call our debit card processor directly at (800) 293-7498.  You will be asked questions to verify your identity and your card will then be cancelled.  Card re-issuance will be handled by Bank of Estes Park.

Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International.  All rights reserved